Shelves in ward

2nd Sep 2021

A better use of closet space

We have never used a hanging ward to actually hang up our clothes. We like shelves. So, time to build some shelves into our spacious hanging ward in the bedroom slide. What material will the shelves be made from is the first question to answer. Plywood is simply too heavy. The answer showed up when we helped Aaron and Bri move the Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring from the store to their home they were remodeling. The store gave us a sheet of MDF as a spacer for the boxes. I did NOT immediately realize how well this sheet would work, but I decided to cut it up into the correct size pieces as practice when I did find the perfect material. When I test fit everything in the ward, it finally dawned on me. It is reasonably light and I had been given just the right amount to build the shelves. I made it completely removable if needed. We added baskets for our trinkets, and later I added trim pieces to stiffen the shelves a bit. We are very pleased.



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Shelves in ward