Electric bikes

21st Oct 2020

Electric commuting

Candace and I had been playing with the idea of getting electric bicycles. Cary told us that he had seen an ad in Craigslist for one in the Stuart area. I called and set up an appointment to check it out. The bike was a blue Ariel Rider M-Class with a rear rack, front basket, and a saddle bag. The owner's wife didn't like riding it, and had even had a minor wreck. It turned out that the owner also had a bike, black with the same extras. Candace and I liked them, and told the owner we would buy, but it would have to be both of them. He reluctantly agreed. We brought one home in the Jeep and I rode the other one. Fun. Both bikes were in great shape and just needed a few adjustments.

The bikes are a European design for "commuting" in the city. The wheels are only 20", but we have had no problems anywhere we have ridden them. They are relatively light weight with reasonably powerful motor. Battery life is excellent.

The coach came with a bike rack, so I hastily set that up to carry the two bikes on the back of the coach. That carry location is not ideal if there is a heavy rain but with our November trip coming up very soon, I wasn't too worried about the weather. The two bikes together on the rack fit well enough, so all is good. After all, what bad things could possibly happen? Hmmm


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