countertop extension

3rd Sep 2021

A cutting board style extension to the countertop

You can never have too much countertop. After looking around the interwebs and seeing several different ideas, we knew that a fold up / fold down countertop extension was just the ticket. I found the specific bracket that I wanted from a "show and tell" Facebook write up in the RPod group, and ordered it from Amazon. Now for the extension itself, we decided on a wooden cutting board style. And on our November trip, we stopped by a Mennonite wood working shop that we remembered from our previous visit. After a short discussion about the project, I was able to give specific dimensions and two days later they created this beautiful extension. Candace applied many coats of mineral oil. Using a barstool, books, and towels as shims, we positioned the board in just the right spot and secured the brackets to both the island wall and the cutting board. We are both very pleased with the results.


Candace never uses the extension as an actual cutting board, but it is most useful for her "mise en place" and as a serving counter. It locks up securely and we have had no problems travelling when it is in the down position.


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countertop extension