1st trip

29th Sep 2020

A Fifth Wheel Coach (and its big)

We dragged the coach down from Ft. Pierce to the Army Corp of Engineers' St. Lucie South campground near Stuart for our first adventure - one whole night! Chip and Christine visited as did Gail And Shawn. Very fun evening so close to home. Candace even had to run back to the house briefly to let the plantation shutter (for the guest room) installers in.

After arriving at the park and backing the trailer into our site (4), we chocked the wheels and lowered the landing gear. I opened the jaws of the hitch and asked Candace to pull the truck forward. She said I should say "Release the Kraken!" Ahh, we may have found a name for our coach. Haha

Brutally hot and humid the next morning, we dumped the tanks and took Kraken back to its lair. We'll "release" you again in 6 days.

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