October trip

11th Oct 2020

Trmble Park

A great first trip in our new (to us) coach. We started on Monday the 5th. After 2 previous trips to Mt. Dora, we finally made it to the waterfront of Trimble Park - site 8. Chip grabbed site 9. We met at a Publix in Mt. Dora and stocked up for the next 3 days. Chip fixed a mean steak and stuffed tomatoes dinner. Barbara and Tom met us the next day, starting with pizza (PizzAmore) then a fine fish with Mango salsa taco for dinner. Candace really knows how to cook! The weather was still too hot, so we never really set up the outdoor camp. Wednesday, Chip, Candace and I went to Tavares. We stopped by the Jones Brothers Seaplane Adventures where we met Skylar. Cute and enthusiastic about seaplanes. After a nice lunch at Bugers Waffles & Tacos (BTW), we went back to Trimble. Chip departed soon after as he had to work on Thursday. Candace and I enjoyed lounging in the coach that evening.



Sugar Mill Ruins

Thursday, we packed up Kraken and made the long journey over to Sugar Mill Ruins RV Park in Edgewater. The front entrance is beautiful with nice red buildings, pool, dog park, and a gated entrance. But the RV sites were small, stacked neighbor to neighbor, undeveloped (dirt roads, untrimmed vegetation, etc) and the utilities were misplaced. We set up camp, such as it was, and promptly had to buy an additional 20 ft of sewer hose. Ugh.

We chose this park so that we could visit cousins, uncles, and check out the airpark. Turns out Herman is selling his hanger, Cortney had a baby, Noah had a birthday, and Susie had a headache. We ended up working on the coach and visiting Uncle Carl. Saturday we drove to Mt. Royal for a visit.

Sunday we packed up and came home. All in all the trip was a success. The coach is in wonderful shape, we enjoyed our shakedown trip, and are glad to be back home.

Record heat in S. FL. I can't wait for our (aptly named) November trip. FL, GA, TN, NC, SC and back to FL in 19 days or so. Looking for some cool weather!

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