Salt Springs

7th Dec 2020

First Come, First Served

Even though the holidays are approaching, we wanted to get back out and enjoy the cool weather Florida offers this time of the year. But as so many know, last minute reservations in Florida state parks as well as other great camping spots are very tough this time of the year. We had heard of the first come, first serve policy at Salt Springs Recreation Area and decided to give it a try. It would be a short trip due to obligations at home later in the week. And if we really couldn't get in, we knew that both Mt. Royal and Renegades on the River would be available for at least one night. So Monday morning we headed up to Salt Springs and checked in at the front office inquiring about campsites. We were pleasantly surprised when they not only said yes, but gave us a choice! So we parked the rig down by the springs and I came back to the office to take a quick tour and choose our site. After looking around and picking a site, I'm back in the office completing the paperwork when another white F250 pulling a Rockwood 5th wheel parked outside the office in the check in area. Cool! No wait, it is Candace driving our rig - she had been thrown out of the springs parking area and had to bring the rig back to the front office! I knew she could drive the rig all along!

Countertop Extension

We brought the cutting board / countertop extension home from the previous trip. Candace applied many coats of mineral oil, then we spent some time to accurately mount the folding hinges. We think it all came out beautifully and the extension is most useful.



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