November trip

2nd Nov 2020


We decided to start this adventure at Renegades on the River for 1 night. We wanted to show off our new coach to the good folks at Mt. Royal, and since Renegades has full hook ups, I was also able to thoroughly rinse and empty our holding tanks. We have our new to us electric bikes on a bike rack on the back of the coach, and they look like they are riding well so far back.

We had a fine dinner at Tom and Barbara's that evening. Candace cooked her "crispy fish" dinner for 6 with a beautiful fish from Tom. The next morning, several folks came over and saw the rig before we left for Stagecoach . We told John G that we would be at Edisto Beach SP in about 2 weeks, come on up and visit. I also ended up selling the 5th wheel tripod that came with the coach to the next door neighbor. I was never was impressed with it - too hard to store and set up and it has a limited range that it can be used. Maybe I'll install JT Strongarms one day.

November 2

Stagecoach RV Park

Sometimes it takes us a while to get out of Florida. We took the short drive over to the St. Augustine area and set up camp at Stagecoach RV Park. It is nice commercial park that we have used in the past, and is convenient to the area we sometimes think about moving to. So we had a quick visit with a real estate agent. We also had a nice dinner with Lindon and Heather.

November 3, 4 - 2 nights
Heather and Lindon came over for dinner, meet with a real estate agent
Site ? - pull through, 50 amp, sewer, $125

Oh No

Finally, we get on the road and head north into Georgia. It is an easy days drive starting with I-95, then I-16. We exited I-16 onto US 1 heading north. I enjoy driving on roads like this. Wide open 4 lane highway that is lightly travelled. Rolling hills make the journey interesting and peaceful. Until that is, some little truck pulls up next to us and starts trying to slow us down. I then realize that he really wants to help us - there must be something wrong with the coach.

We find a safe place to pull over and say hi to the kind gentleman. He asks "Did you have a blue bicycle on the back of the trailer? "Yes we do" I replied. He then shows various parts and pieces of our blue bike that is in the back of his truck! He explains that he saw the bike bounce off the back of the coach, hit the road and careen and slide off to the side. He stopped and picked up everything he could find and then chased us for 10 miles or more before he could catch back up. We took everything from him and thanked him profusely. He would not accept any kind of a reward and simply wished us good luck. I threw everything into the back of the truck and we continued to the next town, Wrens. Ugh.

Candace went into an Ingles grocery store and I got the bike out of the truck, inspected some of the damage, and tucked the bike into the back seat of the truck - where it rode for the rest of the November trip. The black bike was still securely attached to the bike rack which I could see had stress damage to the support arms that had carried the blue bike. We loaded the groceries Candace had purchased into the refrigerator and into the back of the truck. Off we went to Mistletoe SP - we'll figure out our next steps after we settle in. What a travel day.





Mistletoe is a pleasant Georgia State Park on Clarks Hill Lake. They have great campsites both on the water and up the hill under the trees. We visited here earlier with the R-Pod, spending time at a waterfront site (the sun was surprisingly hot) and up under the trees. This is the location of the infamous chocolate brownie ant invasion. This time, we simply spent some relaxing time here under the trees. The black bike rode all the way to GA just liked we had intended. We took turns riding the bike in the park, and took a nice stroll thru the woods on the main hiking path. Naturally, the drama surrounding these bikes couldn't just end. While I was riding the bike down to the park's beach and swimming area, someone driving way too fast and erratically forced me off the road. There are nice grass shoulders and once clear of the road, all was good. It was very frustrating though. I was able to report the vehicle to the park ranger and then went on back to the coach.

November 5, 6, 7 - 3 nights
lost bike on the way, almost run off the road while riding remaining bike, hike
Site 77 - pull through, 50 amp, next to grey water, $113.40

Fall Creek Falls State Park

The first order of business after arriving at Fall Creek Falls was getting Kraken parked and leveled in our site. The site had a steep slope up from the road in front along with a side to side slope, with the driver's side being low. It took a fair bit of power in reverse to push the coach up to the site. We securely chocked the wheels and disconnected from the truck. This was the most unlevel sight we had been to with Kraken. Connecting shore power next ensures the leveling system can do its job with ease. I hit the auto level button and stepped away. To my delight and amazement, the auto level found a solution and had the coach was nice and level within a minute or two. I walked around the coach and was shocked to find the driver's side wheels several inches in the air! The leveling system can completely pick up the coach!! I immediately decided that leaving the wheels dangling in mid air was unsatisfactory. It took a bit to figure out, but I finally lifted the driver's side further into the air, added leveling cribbage under the wheels and then lowered the coach back down. Another big chock in front of those elevated wheels and I felt that Kraken was level and secure. I like my new coach!

We had planned to meet Stuart and Nonie here, but COVID-19 forced them to cancel their plans. It would have been a great visit, but I am sure we'll plan another trip in the near future.

We spent 4 nights with full hookups. Full hookups is where Kraken really shines - we enjoy basically all of the conveniences of home. And we really enjoyed the park. Its a big park with several hikes, a beautiful loop that you drive, and of course the falls.

November 8, 9, 10, 11 - 4 nights Site B54 - back in, 50 amp, sewer $160.29 Site - Stuart & Nonie crazy unlevel site, several hikes, explore Fall Creek Falls SP apple orchard and country store, mexican restaurant, Mennonite cutting board rainy day, Spencer and Dunlap, Cagle Mountain trading post (gas) pickup cutting board, see falls again after rain, then drive to Asheville

Whoa Whoa Whoa

Creek Stone, Candler, NC November 12, 13, 14 - 3 nights 171 Medford Branch Rd, Candler, NC, 28715 Site 3 - back in, 50 amp, sewer, $139.60 HipCamp, busted truck back window, stopped by Biltmore safelite replace, farmers market in Asheville, Black Mountain, drive to Chimney Rock and Lake Lure, back to Biltmore Estate

Edisto Beach, SC

November 15, 16, 17 - 3 nights
    Live Oak Campground
    Site 120 - back in, 50 amp, $127.68
    John G and Marie showed up!
    Lunch, Ramen soup dinner with campfire, ran out of propane
    refilled propane, more bike riding, local shrimp to make a frogmore stew

Fort Clinch State Park

November 18
Site 45 - back in, 30 amp, $35.82
1 night, so did not unhook trailer
nice walk on the beach up to the fort, Coast Guard helicopter doing exercises in river

Sebastian Inlet State Park

     November 19
      Site 24 -back in, 30 amp, $37.78
      disconnected trailer because of slope, best sites are on the inlet

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