1st Day

10th Sep 2020

We bought a trailer (and truck too)

We finally got the money to Paul. We were delayed a day because I didn't fill out the wire transfer correctly. Oops. Once everyone was satisfied that the money was where it should be, we connected the trailer to the truck (final lesson from Paul, he did a great job as a teacher) and off we went. Candace was in the Jeep and I drove the truck/trailer combination. Naturally, being in Florida, my first time pulling the trailer was thru a thunderstorm. All went well and we arrived with no problems, albeit a bit wet.

Although I plugged the trailer into an outlet from the house, I had no idea how much power I could draw without blowing a CB, so no air conditioning. We did blow air into the coach thru the front door, kept the coach semi-cool, and started checking out our new purchase.

Here are a couple of pictures of the trailer in its new home, Bettie and Cary's driveway. BTW, the Toyota Tacoma is not the tow vehicle. This trailer would crush the little truck! Cary just parked his truck next to the coach, just to make it feel cool!



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